Thursday, January 27, 2011

Know your Farmer: Bluebird Meadows

New! North Union will begin featuring stories and words directly from our farms! This entry is from Bluebird Meadows, a family run farm that practices sustainable agriculture while providing its customers the best pastured pork, beef and poultry. Add in fresh berries and jams and they are busy on the farm Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

"Bluebird Meadows is a family run farm located in Northeast Ohio. Here on the farm we pride ourselves in providing top quality, pasture raised beef, pork, poultry, and eggs to our family, friends, and customers.

It is our mission to raise and sell the highest quality products all while practicing sustainable agriculture. We are committed to taking care of the earth and the gifts we have been given. We use simple, old-fashioned farming techniques that give back to the Earth what has been taken.

We use natural fertilizers on our berries and vegetables, provide ample room for our chickens to roam, and have planted a lush red clover and alfalfa pasture for the cows and pigs. On our farm water is used from our pond and we will soon be adding rain barrels to collect rain water, reducing our use of 'city water'. We compost any unneeded organic material, use the manure for fertilizer, and provide all of the animals with humane living conditions.

Every season has its challenges and keeps us busy here at Bluebird Meadows. The spring is busy with replanting pastures and mending fences and buildings that have been damaged by a long winter. Summer is very busy with the many farmers markets we attend. Fall is busy with back-to-school activities, the fair, and canning and preserving produce from our garden and from other vendors at the market, with whom we barter. The winter months on most farms is a little quieter, but so far for us this winter has been eventful. We are blessed with 4 of the most amazing kids ever. They are hard workers both in the classroom and here on the farm. During the winter ALL 4 like to fill their free time with basketball. So on our farm, the winter months are filled with 4 crazy basketball schedules. Add in Chris coaching, and there is not too much time for other things. This presents a slight problem for us here on the farm; who is going to do the chores? During the spring, summer and fall no one ever complains about watering the pigs and cows, feeding the chickens or collecting the eggs. During the winter, where we now have to carry water out to the barn from our house one 5 gallon bucket at a time, where we now have to don on boots, snow pants, gloves and hats and hike through snow drifts to collect the eggs, and now where hay and cracked corn is hauled by the pulling of a sled; no one seems to want to do chores. Luckily for the farm, we have a rule in place that no one can go to basketball until all of the chores are done. And since NO ONE wants to miss their court time, (including Chris) the chores are always done.

We love every season here at Bluebird Meadows, all of the joys and challenges."

--Julie Blankenship, Bluebird Meadows

You can find Bluebird Meadows at our Indoor Winter Market this season and at our Crocker Park, Chagrin Falls, and Cleveland Clinic markets beginning this spring!

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