Friday, November 20, 2009

Tiffany's Thanksgiving shopping list for the Crocker Park Farmers Market:

Butternut and Acorn Squash -- Weaver's Truck Patch
Eggs -- Plum Creek Farm
Carola Potatoes (for mashing) -- Peth Farm
Yellow Onions -- Hansen's Greenhouse
Carrots -- Peth Farm
Bulk Sausage (for my Grandma's famous stuffing!) -- Bluebird Meadows
Salted Butter -- Covered Bridge
Pie Pumpkins (for homemade pumpkin rolls) -- Weaver's Truck Patch
Buttercrisp Lettuce (for salad) -- Nature's Garden
Radishes (for salad) -- Hansen's Greenhouse
Cider (for Hot Mulled Apple Cider!) -- Smith's Fruit Farm and Woolf Farms (we go through alot!)
Bread (for the table) -- Lucy's Sweet Surrender
Pumpkin Pecan Pie -- Gray House Pies (because they make the best!)
Remember: Bring my knives for Garth to sharpen!

Emma's Thanksgiving Shopping List for Shaker Square:


Salad Mix -- Oasis Acres/Snake Hill(has regular or spicy mix!!)
Pecans -- Covered Bridge Gardens
Chevre -- Mackenzie Creamery
Carrots -- Blissful Acres

Sides/Basic ingredients:

Brussel Sprouts -- RainbowFarms/ Schultz
Cauliflower -- RainbowFarms/ Schultz
Potatoes -- Weavers Truck Patch
Garlic -- Crooked Creek
Eggs -- Millgate Farm
Sweet Potatoes -- Heritage Lane Farm/Don Anna/Firefly
Cheese -- Ohio Farm Direct
Carrots -- Blissful Acres
Onions -- Snake Hill Farm
Cornmeal -- Covered Bridge
Heavy Cream/Milk for Gravy -- Country Gristmill
Butter -- Country Gristmill
Ground Pork for Stuffing -- New Creation Farms
Bread for Stuffing -- Zoss/Lucys


Tea Hill Poultry(Pick up Sat @ Market or Tuesday @ Shaker Sq. in front of Deweys between 2 and 6pm) --Tea Hill will also have Lamb, Goat and Chicken this Saturday!


Pie Pumkins(there is a shortage of canned pumkins so stock up!) -- Covered Bridge Gardens/Rainbows Farm/Snake Hill Farms
Apples for Pies --Schultz Farm/ Smith's Fruit Farm/ Woolf Farm
Strawberries -- Walnut Drive (They still have some everbearing!!!)

Have a great holiday, thank you for supporting local farms by shopping at the Market!