Friday, July 10, 2009

You know it's summertime when...

  • You see baskets overflowing with fresh, plump blueberries at the farmers market.

  • You spend more time working on the outside of your house than cleaning the inside!

  • You smell freshly cut grass as you drive through your neighborhood.

  • Waking up early on a Saturday morning is've got to get to the market before all the good produce is gone!

  • The TV has gone an entire day without being turned on.

  • You skip work to go to the zoo.


  • You use your grill more than your stove.

  • Every weekend there is a different festival or event happening around town.

  • You remember what a REAL tomato, fresh from the farm, tastes like!

  • Your shower curtain has been replaced by wet bathing suits and beach towels.

  • The radio keeps playing the Beach Boys.

  • Your kids realize that they like green beans when they haven't been canned or frozen!

  • Dessert doesn't have to be covered in chocolate or whipped cream -- fresh berries are just as sweet!

Enjoy summer while it's here!